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No rest for the weary as we got home from Baltimore by 4 pm and were shopping for the Jewish holiday of Shavuot by 5 pm.  Lots to do to get ready, but as I tend to have too much vacation time, I am off tomorrow and can get ready a bit more properly.  Of course, this means a one day work week on Friday, and rushing to get ready for shabbos, and a week of altered sleep schedules.  But we knew this going into Balticon, and Balticon was just so enjoyable that it was worth it.

For me, for the fourth time, Balticon meant some filk here and there, and the weekend-long LARP.  This time around, the game consisted of equal parts characters from books come to life in the real world and original characters with some sort of superpower.  As a long time veteran of that pan-fandom online RPG called Milliways, this was nearly second nature to me, with the added bonus of people were allowed to recognized famous literary figures.  Such as Dr. Watson. my character for the LARP.  (Alas, no Holmes but there was a Moriarty so secret that  I had no idea he was in the game).  It was immensely fun trying to play a very meta Dr. Watson in both the setting of the game and in the 21st century.   I think it took a while to get exactly how to play him, but getting there was part of the fun.

And it's really hard not to have fun with a felllowship of Watson, Scheherazade, Molly Weasley, Allan Quatermain, and an original character with superpowers racing on the back of griffins to throw the One Ring into Mount Doom reborn in Scotland.  While a crazed MI6 agent who is secret a Hellspawn is trying to kill us.  (Spoiler: we won.  And that was nowhere near the end game.)

Some other time when I am less tired I might talk about the interesting dynamics of this LARP.  Suffice it to say, I came away wanting to reread some of the original Holmes canon.  

Anyway, time to steer away from the con and towards Shavuot.  More to come...


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