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1. Which player are you determined to thread more with/begin threading with in the new year?

Midge plays at least a couple of interesting pups that I think would work with either current or upcoming pups. Despite having actually met Rue, I've never threaded with any of her myriad pups. And pretty much anyone from the Firefly gang.

2. Which existing character would you most like your character(s) to meet, but you haven't got around to making it happen yet?

Lando needs to meet so many people. Lilly would be fun, methinks. Wash. Captain Jack Sparrow. Han, of course, when his mun brings him into the Bar.

3. What plotty fun would you like your character(s) to get up to?

It's time to move on the endgame for Barry. I guess that counts as plot.

And I have the whole Wookiee Resuce Mission idea that I floated once for Lando, then haven't done anything with. But I am commited to doing it sooner or later.

4. What cracky fun would you like your character(s) to get up to?

None. I don't do crack, it seems. How odd is that?

5. Your New Year's resolution might be to play less characters, or it might be to play more. But all of us, I bet, have a character or two who we've thought about apping, but likely never will. Who is yours?

I have two. The first is movie-era James Kirk. He speaks to me sometimes. He is my favorite character in my favorite TV universe. But I don't think playing another Iowa farmboy turned hero is good for me, and I think I would get sucked into the game bigtime in a way I haven't.

The other is any member of the Beatles from Yellow Submarine. I don't think I have the skill, but it would be supercool to play a Beatle. I could show off my knowlegde of the group ad nauseum. Which I am afraid I mean literally.


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