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Posting from breakfast at OVFF. Totally having a blast. And finally got to be in the same place at the right time to hear SJ Tucker. Took me five years but it was worth the wait.

But me being me, I was following that incredible World Series game from the filk room on this here phone. Isnt this an amazing time that we can listen to the songs and "watch" a ball game at once? Hooray for multitasking!?

More filking ahead and then back home for what might be an intense work week. Thank goodness I have fandom in all its permutations to recharge my batteries.
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I shouldn't gloat.  I have lots of friend who are Yankees fans.  And it's not like the Mets are likely to be in the playoffs any time soon.

But seeing the Yankees play four generally terrible games?  Honestly?  I feel happy!

Yes, a sweep is not that exciting.  And there is room to argue that the Tigers, with the fifth best record in the AL, shouldn't have been in the playoiffs.  But such things are for later.  For now, the team I love to hate has been humbled.

If only this didn't mean we now get stuck in more A-Rod soap opera. 

Congrats to the Tigers!  Now onto the NL!


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