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Apr. 30th, 2017 01:21 pm
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Hey lovely people. Another voice apologising for mega-flakiness. Since getting back from the con, I've been managing some major kitten health issues. My little familiar is recovering from major surgery and so far, so good. I hope.

I'll be home the next couple of days nursing her so I'll try to get back into tagging properly.

Many hugs,

Character change

Apr. 30th, 2017 12:16 am
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Hey all,

First, I am so sorry I've been super flakey this past week and a half. I'm feeling really awfully sick, despite my best efforts otherwise. I'll try to catch all the tags I owe of the last two weeks soon, I just really haven't been feeling up to things.

Second, as some of chat knows, I've been having a lot of existential angst about Lois lately, so I'm making it official. Smallville Lois [personal profile] presspasskey is officially switched out and gone from Bar. But never fear, there is still a Lois! You will see [personal profile] skepticgirl1 in Bar probably starting tomorrow (my personal attempt to make myself happy enough to play again). She won't have any memories of Smallville Lois' and she'll be about thirteen.

Personal plea for all your characters who know about Lois, her future, and her future boyfriend: please don't tell her Clark is Superman. It's actually okay to mention who she's dating later, if it seems relevant, or even about Superman. I'd rather you not go out of your way to, obviously, but the only thing she really can't learn is Clark = Kal-el/Superman.

Lookin' forward to bright-(violet-)eyed teenager joining the madhouse, y'all, and sincerely: thanks for your patience while I try to relocate my energy for RP again.

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Apr. 29th, 2017 11:29 pm
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What comes through the door first, along with the sight of sleeves and voluminous skirts, is a voice: Cosette is calling back over her shoulder, "Papa, are you ready? Marius and I are quite -- oh!"

Hello, Milliways!

Well, she didn't expect to come here, but she's quite pleased to have done so, after a startled moment. It's been several weeks, on her side of the door. She steps in all the way, and closes the door behind herself. She might as well say hello to her mother and any dear friends and perhaps have a little something while she's here, right?

She's a little more tan and freckled than usual; not a great deal, because hers is an era of bonnets and lace gloves and parasols and so forth, but all the same she's done a certain amount of tossing propriety aside enough to bask in the Italian sunlight on this trip. And she looks even more glowingly healthy, and happy, than usual.

Her skirts rustle, and she glances down in time to spot a small and shaggy grey dog trotting quite unconcernedly forward. With a surprised laugh, Cosette bends to catch her up. "Why, Panza, you naughty thing! Very well, come and get acquainted with the good society here."
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(OOM) Paladius has one last trick to pull.

Ibani was clearly not expecting Milliways, if her appearance is anything to go by. She's in her armor and her right gauntlet and some of her right arm is covered in blood that's still wet.

"Really? You needed me here right now?" she asks no one in particular. She sighs. "Well, I suppose a rest couldn't hurt."

Saturday multipup -- rainy day

Apr. 29th, 2017 04:09 pm
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In this pocket of Millitime, there is a spot of insistent rain around this Saturday afternoon.
  • Teja is watching from the eaves of the forge as Egil is out playing in the rain, wearing wellie boots and a little sou'wester, chasing fallen petals in the puddles, and carrying insects to safety. All three cats are lined up by the forge-fire, secretly of the opinion that their little human has completely lost his mind.
  • Father Harman is walking through the woods towards the little church, wearing sensible shoes and carrying an umbrella.
  • Dr. Hannibal Lecter is in the herb garden, moving potted plants in and out of the rainfall according to some system only known to himself.
  • Ragnar Lothbrok is fishing. Rain is a good weather for that. Fish bite better then.
  • Dorian Gray is walking through the woods, barefoot and in shirtsleeves, enjoying the rain just because.
  • Alex Vause is sitting by an open window, reading a book and listening to the rainfall.

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Apr. 28th, 2017 06:02 pm
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After depositing William in the cells, Harry leaves a message at the Bar:

Friends of William Douglas may this day and night find him in the cells, where they have leave to visit him.

Harry himself can be found not far away if anyone has questions-- or just wants to chat.

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Apr. 28th, 2017 01:29 pm
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Here's the thing:

Chirrut Imwe has never learned to swim.

He's never needed to, not really. The only body of water big enough to properly swim in close to NiJedha was in the kyber caves, and it was cold enough to freeze a man solid within minutes.

So he never learned. It never became an issue.

Except now he lives (non!lives? after-lives? The terminology is difficult) in a place that has an abundance of water. Logic says that the blind man should just avoid the lake, or the pools, or the spa, because there's this saying about old dogs and new tricks. Chirrut may be called a mad dog sometimes, but he's also getting to be that proverbial old dog.

Chirrut never liked sayings like that anyway.

So this morning he laid out his plan to Baze with tactical precision, - finding a place that was a more controlled environment, tempting Baze with warmth, and then off-handedly noting that if Baze was too busy, he could go himself, it would be fine.

This would be why there are two Jedhan men, dressed in swim trunks, at the edge of one of the spa's heated pools. They are both battered and bruised - Chirrut's ribs are mottled to every color of the rainbow, Baze's face is sporting a heavy bruise and his hands are wrapped securely against further damage.

One of them is sure it can't be as hard as everyone is making it out to be. The other one is not so sure. They might not know they need help, but it would be advisable. Or at least, watching them flounder should be entertaining.

It's Friday!

Apr. 28th, 2017 05:32 am
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 What is some minor detail or trivia about your character that likely will never come up in casual play?

An immortal in the bar

Apr. 28th, 2017 08:15 am
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The front door opens and in walks Amanda, a large grin grows on her face, "Ah Milliways!"

She walks up to the Bar, "Lady Bar, may I please have a glass of wine?" then she takes a seat and starts people watching.

[OOC: I'm around for a couple of hours and then slowtime]

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Apr. 28th, 2017 12:04 pm
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Jim had been very pleased to find a door to the bar yesterday, because he had some actual academic reading to do and for once, would have been quite happy to just sit quietly and get on with it. At least, that's what he tells himself; the evidence of yesterday is more that if faced with potential distraction, he'll fling himself at it as hard and as fast as possible.

Anyway, the whole thing put him off reading, so he's back to building stuff. Bar presented him with a note from his older self, telling him that if even thought about setting foot in the upstairs suite again, he'd regret it. To soften the blow of losing room privileges, he was given a box of computer parts and told to make himself a new one. 

So that's what he's doing, looking vaguely interested but still a bit grumpy. His face hurts and his lip keeps splitting open again. It's a drag. 

(But so worth it. Now he gets to plot his response, which is always the fun part of any situation.)

[OOC: Open alllll over this lovely long weekend. :D Violence in the link.]

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Apr. 27th, 2017 10:01 pm
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Oswin has reclaimed the kitchens (or at least, she has been allowed back in the kitchens on a limited basis and is being watched like a hawk), and has been baking.

Or rather spending a few pleasant hours reading cookbooks and then trying out one of the more interesting looking recipes.

This would be why Oswin is now sitting at the Bar with two trays of brightly colored circular cookies and a slew of pastry bags, trying different taste sensations.

And now!

Apr. 27th, 2017 08:03 pm
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The CDs are now available for purchase on our webpage!

It's been a hectic couple of months, but it's all done now!


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Apr. 27th, 2017 06:55 pm
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OOM: A successful assassination, an unlucky capture.

Cassian opens the door and leans against the frame for a long moment, half of his face is swelling, there's almost the imprint of a glove on his cheek and he's slightly trembling. This isn't his quarters but he doesn't want to move too much and takes a breath and sets himself to walk to the counter. He sits and a mug of tea and a bowl of soup appear in front of him.

His hands shake as he wraps them around the tea and inhales it, the scent anchors him and he'll be here then rest. He's alive and completed the mission, here he doesn't have to report to anyone, not yet.

Tiny tag: Cassian Andor, warning for torture and mentions of killing in the OOM. Catch him anywhere between the door and counter.

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Apr. 27th, 2017 10:18 pm
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[oom: Guppy speaks to his children about Wilford's dog, and Fry discovers Joram has been in a fight at school.]

Code push scheduled for Sunday night

Apr. 27th, 2017 03:03 pm
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We are planning to do a code push late this weekend, at approximately 8pm PDT / 11pm EDT / 3am UTC on Sunday, Apr 30 (or May 1 for you transatlantic types.).

I don't have a list of changes for you yet, but most will fall into the following categories: things users have complained about to support volunteers, things support volunteers have complained about to developers, things [staff profile] denise has complained about not working the way she expects them to (and as we all know, The Boss is Always Right), and things that were printing warnings over and over in the production server logs, making it hard to spot when less frequent, more urgent errors were being printed. Oh, and also all the unused code I ripped out at the roots, which if you notice that, I did it wrong.

To sum up: we are rolling out a bunch of requested changes, so thank you all for your feedback!

If you're new to Dreamwidth and interested in tracking our development process, our commit logs are published to [site community profile] changelog and [community profile] changelog_digest, and every month or so, one of our volunteers will translate those often-cryptic entries into witty, informative code tours! The most recent one was published on April 1, so we're about due for a new one. Hint, hint.

We'll update here again to let you know when the code push is imminent!

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Apr. 27th, 2017 02:19 pm
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"--Papal envoy! A fucking papal envoy. The fucking envoy to fucking Rome!"

It's one of those entrances where the person is so busy shouting back over his shoulder that he doesn't realize he's walked into Milliways. When he does realize it, William Douglas stares wildly around the room and shouts again: "SO YOU'D BETTER WATCH THE FUCK OUT!"

Then he stalks to the bar.

((See backroom post. Warnings for violence and homophobia in the threads.))

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Apr. 27th, 2017 02:22 pm
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Anyone want a fight?

William Douglas is going to be coming into the bar very soon in a explosively bad mood, and uh, he's about ready to start a fight with anyone. I've got security already on the phone to haul him in as needed, but--anyone want a fight?

He's not looking for friendly sparring to blow off a little steam, he's looking to make Bad Choices.

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Apr. 27th, 2017 08:45 am
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It's a quiet day in Central City. No dead bodies have dropped to call Barry into his day job, and a quick zip around the city yields only a mugger and one jaywalker who would've been pancaked by a garbage truck if 'The Streak' hadn't been there to rush him to the safety of the sidewalk.

(Seriously, he needs a better superhero name.)

With things so chill at home Barry is glad when he finds Milliways in his apartment. He was looking for something to eat, but the fridge and cupboards in his place are bare.

Obviously it's time for him to join Costco or something, but in the meantime...

"Hey, Bar," he greets the counter, sliding onto a stool wearing blue jeans and a sweatshirt. "Can I get a-- "

A platter appears with deli meats and cheeses all cut down to fit on the accompanying Ritz crackers. It's the type of tray usually made to feed small armies of party guests.


Barry grins and while he starts assembling cracker sandwiches, Bar produces a chocolate milkshake; which earns a wary glance from Barry, but he soon discovers this one isn't a protein ruse.

[ooc: Here all day, and this will be open through the weekend.]

Thursday DE

Apr. 27th, 2017 07:04 am
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What would your character think of their account name?

full disclosure: i was thisclose to naming loki's account punchmeimloki

Shout outs

Apr. 26th, 2017 10:52 pm
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It's rainy and foggy here and Milliways is full of old and new friends. I'm going to hit some highlights but share what you've been tracking and finishing.

Gabriel Tam returns to Milliways with hopeful news and Galadan prepares for a new step.

Barry starts to figure out this heroing job.

A sparring match between two Guardians and a Sith, I love the enthusiasm of everyone in this thread.

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Apr. 26th, 2017 07:23 pm
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[OOM: Previously, on Londinium.]

He'd had his weekly clinic visit and six-month checkup earlier today. He hadn't expected the news he'd heard.

("It's too early to know how long it'll last, Gabriel, but ... it looks like you're stabilizing."

"What?!? Vincent, are you sure?"

"I've always been a rational man, but this is nothing short of a miracle. I'd say you have something to celebrate.")

When Gabriel Tam walks into Milliways, he looks more than a little stunned... but he's smiling.

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Apr. 26th, 2017 02:39 pm
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Rather unusually, Enzo may be found in the kitchen for an hour or two this afternoon, in human form. He's trying out a few different recipes, all of which involve both peanut butter and sugar.

You may also find him in the main bar later, in his usual shade of green, with the results of his efforts laid out on a table along with a pitcher of milk. A text window reads:

in exchange for feedback

(definitely contains nuts)


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