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We are now two months from the beginning of the "One Year Later" age of DC Comics, when all the DC series - even Legion - will skip a year. Readers will arrive in these comics to find many changes to the status quo, changes that will only be explained within the pages of a weekly comic called "52."

Much about this doesn't thrill me. "52" sounds exciting, but it will be expensive. Readers will be lost for months till we get the backstory. And there have been many odd rumors about the changes. None odder than those surrounding Batman.

But there is reassuring news. The new editor on the Batbooks is Peter Tomasi, who is one of DC's better editors. The writer he hired for the first post-1YL story is the amazing James Robinson, the man behind Starman. And, in an interview with Newsarama, Tomasi said...

SPOILERS AHEAD!Batman is Bruce Wayne. Robin is Tim Drake.

Unless this is a huge thing of mislead, and unless the rumors apply to "52" but not the monthlies, the rumors were all WRONG. Batman will not be in Arkham. Dick will not be Batman, not will Jason Todd be Robin. There will be no stunts this time.

What will see is a Gotham that has been without Bats for a year, a new corrupt administration, a new commissioner, and a new and ruthless vigilante keeping the peace while Bats was away..

No word yet as to whether Robinson is writing more than the first six-issue arc in Detective and Batman, or who else might be writing the Batbooks, or when a rumored "Batman Condfidential" comic to replace Gotham Knights will debut. But at the least, things are looking up. For six issues, we will get Robinson doing the Bat, and will get Robinson's more likeable, more human Bats (I hope).

And if you want to see Tomasi's take on Batman, I advise you to visit and read the interview. It's what I was hoping for from a Bat-editor.
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