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2017-06-10 10:11 pm

Adam West RIP

I don't remember when I first watched what's now called in fandom "Batman '66."  But it was a lot time ago.  When i was a kid.  I ate it up with a spoon.  I didn't know it was making fun of Batman.  I think most kids didn't.  We just watched the kinetic, frenetic actions and bought into the square jawed hero.

That was my first Batman, before I read a single comic, before I watched SuperFriends or any of the other cartoons, before Burton and Dini and Nolan.  If my love of Batman started anywhere, it started with the BIFF POW BAM and with "old chum" and with the Batusi.

Adam West embraced his place in pop culture history.  He had a lot of fun playing off being that Batman.  But he was also a pretty good actor, and for one season in the 80s he voiced Batman at the end of the SuperFriends era, and did it really well.  He was also The Gray Ghost in a memorable episode of the 90s animated series.

But above all else, he was Batman.  Not the best.  Just my first.  Thanks, old chum.