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2011-01-02 11:13 am
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Today's Doubletake

Listening to the news, I hear about the inauguration of New York State's new governor...Governor Cuomo.

And suddenly, it's 1987 again and I am in the pool house of the governor's mansion in Albany, along with all the summer interns from the Governor's Press Office in New York, being lectured by Mario Cuomo about the virtues of public service.

It's not Mario whose the new governor of this often ungoverned and ungovernable state, but his son Andrew. But it's just strange after 16 years to hear "Governor Cuomo" and to hear Andrew speaking with a voice and cadence not that different than his dad's.

Long ago, Mario Cuomo was a political hero, something I have few of. The fact that I landed in non-profit work for a career is in no small part to hearing his stirring words about doing good in the summer of '87. He was a good governor, and it's a shame that he never did run for president. I find myself hoping that maybe, just maybe, there is enough of Mario in Andrew that the son can do the father proud. After Spitzer and Paterson, it would be a pleasant change.