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May. 24th, 2017 08:32 pm
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I have spent the last five days rereading through Megan Whalen Turner's Queen's Thief books at the rate of one a day, and doing very little else!

If you've missed them, the long arc of the Queen's Thief series features the three warring alt!Grecian kingdoms of Sounis, Eddis and Attolia getting their act together to avoid being absorbed by an alt!Babylonian empire. The books are heavy on well-researched worldbuilding, political complexity, and third-act twists; they are light on divine influence, though the gods do have a plan and they would rather like the protagonists to stop whining about it. Books include:

The Thief: A magus, his two apprentices, a soldier and a thief go on a life-changing field trip to steal a divine king-making relic, and Megan Whalen Turner shows off her unreliable first-person narration.

The Queen of Attolia: All three kingdoms start a slapfight with each other while the series protagonist sulks in his room, except when he's stealing important political figures from other kingdoms. Megan Whalen Turner would like you to know she can dance deftly around significant information just as easily in omniscient third as she can in first.

The King of Attolia: A sweet, honest guardsman punches his king in the face, and proceeds to regret every single one of his life choices. Megan Whalen Turner's like "look, this time I'm using limited third and telling you EXACTLY what my protagonist thinks and believes at any given time, it's not MY fault he only knows like 20% of what's actually going on."

A Conspiracy of Kings: The heir to the kingdom of Sounis is like "I COULD sort out this civil war by becoming king OR I could do hard labor for the rest of my life and honestly the latter sounds more appealing?" Megan Whalen Turner returns to first person but is too busy examining questions of ethics around violence in the political sphere to put all that much effort into setting up twists.

This is the part that's spoilery for the first four books )

Anyway, yesterday I finally got to the point where I could read the just-published new book, Thick as Thieves. So this is the part that's spoilery for Thick as Thieves. )
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So. Yeah. It's been a while, huh?

I won't spend a lot of time on the what or the why or the ugh of the world right now that's been a bit of a barrier in multiple ways. Suffice to say that I've played a lot of video games, I've done a lot of thinking, and I'm determined to express more of that in writing than I have been.

Only not right now, because I'm in transit. Still, any start is better than no start at all, right?


Anyway. Hi, everyone. ♥ to you.

On Punching Nazis and other hyperbole

May. 24th, 2017 03:04 pm
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I'm willing to sing about punching Nazis, but I'm not willing to seriously advocate that doing so (or censoring them) is ethically and morally right.

Ken White (Popehat) has an excellent post as to why not. (oddly enough, -do- read the comments here).

fundraiser for moving to Canada

May. 23rd, 2017 10:48 pm
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Hey dudes.

As you know, I am moving to Canada and going to back to school. It's terrifying and exciting! I've managed to put together myself between savings and loans all the money for tuition and support money that Canada asks you to keep aside to take care of yourself during your studies.

However, with the political climate, and the threatened changes to NAFTA, it has become extremely difficult and expensive to move across the border.

I feel strange asking this, but if anyone would like to help with a fundraiser to help off set the costs of my move, you can do so here.

Many of you have already been kind enough to give, and I have been so grateful.

Please, do not feel obligated in any way. I know times are tough for people. Trust me, I know.

People have asked if they can share. I feel a little strange about it, as well as guilty, but if you would like to, you are welcome to do so.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I love you all, very much. Please enjoy this link to the kitten live stream.

Who said I was dead, puppy?

May. 23rd, 2017 10:04 pm
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The most recent episode of American Gods, 1.04 - reactions )

I really, really liked that. I really did!

Another thing I liked: a meme from [personal profile] musesfool: Share the final line of five of your fics — your favorites, or the most recent ones. I'll go with most recent, but two come from drabble collections, so I just sort of scrolled until I found one I liked from those:
I’ll say it again until she hears me, until her breath catches, like the click of a dashboard dial. (Beekeeping for City Girls Without Roofs, Neko Case, "Prison Girls")

When Peggy felt herself open up simply for the joy of it, for her own sake, without flinching, her own excitement at the thought of a long life was a sudden downpour that she passed through and shivered in, after. (Drabble, Peggy, for the first time, after the war, MCU)

BE GENTLE WITH ME, Sebastian's hindbrain screams. (Meeting Redford, Part II, MCU RPF)

The passerby shook her head. Beneath the skin of her cheek, something shimmered, something gray and sick. The old witch drew in a breath, but it probably wasn’t anything. Nothing like that should ever happen here. (Wind Gets In (The Red Blood to the Bruise Remix), Little Red Riding Hood)

"You feel things so deeply, and it makes you good, not weak." She kissed his temple once, in the dark. "Someone's got to tell you that." (Why Talk About Love, MCU, Peggy/Bucky)
Note to self: Do not get so predictably focused on breath, even if you're not releasing one you didn't know you were holding.

Today got to quite a late start, but I got myself to a coffee shop I actually like and can work in and I put together a resume I'm pleased with, and if I can get my cover letter together tomorrow (and hear back from folks I list as references), I will be in very good shape.

Tire Angels

May. 23rd, 2017 06:31 pm
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Today started out hopeful, I turned in a cover letter and the new job continues to be great and oddly good for my inspiration. I started a Cassian fic that the Hamilton soundtrack made me go oh, so many amazing lyrics. As I was driving home listening to Hamilton, suddenly I was over the curb with two flat tires. Someone was looking out for me as there was an auto place on the corner, I was on a side street behind the Watertown mall and I was fixed and going in about half an hour.

Now I’m home and realizing that I have bruises but feeling lucky. Also I have a lot of long periods during my current sub job and access to a computer. Please send prompts as the Star Wars’ release day is Thursday and I’d love to post some fic then. Rogue One is the fandom I’m writing for the most with a focus on Cassian and Jyn but I know Clone Wars, OT and some of the books so try me and keep my mind busy.


May. 23rd, 2017 10:35 am
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You may have seen me yelling happily about it on Twitter last night, but I watched Captain America: Civil War again last night for the first time in about a year. There are a lot of things I miss about feeling like I was in fandom, but something I don't miss, particularly about Tumblr, is the endless avalanche of people ripping apart and shitting over every single frame of that movie because it didn't conform to the (amazing!) fanon they'd spent the past two years building. Turns out that removed from that context, it's definitely as fantastic as I remembered from my first time seeing it. (And way more pleasant than my second, which involved a seat-kicker and multiple assholes checking their phones in the audience throughout.) Given distance, I didn't even feel that there was too much Tony, which I felt strongly before, and not enough Bucky. Do I wish it had been a simpler, more intimate film? Yeah, but it was always going to be an overburdened ensemble. Ant-Man is a goddamn joy, Spider-Man is a delight, Sharon Carter is a made-of-competence Maria+Natasha BAMF, Clint Barton finally gets to be recognizably Clint Barton, T'Challa is [INDECIPHERABLE SCREAMING ABOUT HOW AMAZING HE IS] and I still respect the hell out of Bucky's choice at the end.

Not only that, but Sebastian Stan is posting dopey Winter Soldier gym-training selfies again, including with Scarlett Johansson, so you can bet I'm feeling a whole lot of stuff, including Winter Widow stuff, what a good ship. ("You could at least recognize me!" is. Doing things in my head, quite a lot.)

The downside of two nights in a row of amped-up fandom feels (Sunday night was a Winter Soldier rewatch, that movie is still so good!!!!) is that I am not able to wake up on time, not even remotely. Therapy last night was, ironically, "Don't get paralyzed by the things you can't control; focus on what you can do." So I'm waiting to hear back on some pitches I'm excited about and putting together job applications in the meantime. I really need money and good health insurance, not least because while clearing out my 1,000+ OneTab links (I'm now down to 200!), I remembered that LindyBop is a thing, and now I have to contend with cute+affordable shit like this dungaree swing skirt (in nutmeg, teal and navy, oh shoot!!) and this cute-as-hell tea dress with puffins on it.

I have one eggplant left over from this rousing success, so tonight I'm trying charred eggplant and walnut pesto pasta salad, assuming my hand cooperates. Having to keep my bestitched hand away from getting wet or dirty is really messing with my ability to, like, clean up my kitchen, which is frustrating. (I know, I know, get some gloves. I'll get there!) I can get the stitches out on Friday, which I'm really looking forward to. The eventual bill for the initial hospital visit, with my shitty insurance and its 50% ER visit co-pay, less so.

So, okay! Late start, but starting nonetheless. Happy Tuesday, gang. ♥

Fidele Chapter 21

May. 22nd, 2017 02:02 pm
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Fidele (95248 words) by misslucyjane
Chapters: 21/?
Fandom: Original Work
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Original Male Character/Original Male Character
Additional Tags: Romance Novel, Paranormal, PTSD, Hauntings, Kid Fic, Drug Use

A house full of ghosts is no place to fall in love.

Malcolm Carmichael has been coping with his post-war trauma by taking lovers, teaching art to schoolboys, and trying to ignore the ghosts he sees everywhere. At the death of his mother, he realizes he wants more than just to coast on by, and leaves the exclusive school in search of something more.

Caleb Thibodeaux was so traumatized by the death of his parents in a fire that he hasn't spoken a word since. His uncle Noel hires Malcolm to be his tutor, and Malcolm discovers that Caleb is not the only Thibodeaux son with secrets. The plantation house Fidele is beautiful but haunted, and Noel is much the same.

Soon Malcolm is absorbed in protecting Caleb and Noel from threats both living and dead, and in uncovering the story of Fidele.

Read at AO3 or JennaLynnBrown.com

Moving on down

May. 22nd, 2017 09:47 am
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Over the weekend our desks at work were moved from the 15th floor to the 7th floor. This is part of a long term plan to consolidate most of our space on the 7th and 8th floor of the building, so we weren't specifically chosen for this as such.

There are good things and bad things about my new space. The bad is that it's even smaller than my old cube up on 15, and that wasn't too spacious to begin with. The good is that I actually have access to natural daylight! Because of the orientation of the desk, my chair isn't facing a window but it's out there at about 7:00 over my shoulder! Natural daylight! I haven't had access to natural daylight at my desk in several years!

And now begins a few hours of unpacking my crates and making sure that I have some place to put everything.
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Today is the last day of the original cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and I am living vicariously through social media posts and POOR ANTO IS ILL and basically I am a wreck.

And all of my IRL friends don't understaaaaaand. Thank goodness for fandom I too many feelings to handle this by myself. The first six pages of my dash are 100% Cursed Child feels. I'm actually logging into Twitter today. You guys. TWITTER.

I think I'm going to spend all day today lying down on the floor, in my invisible box of EMOTIONS.

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May. 21st, 2017 08:42 am
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Having temporarily taken a break from lengthy space operas about terrible wars within ongoing franchises after finishing DS9, [personal profile] innerbrat and I have now started watching through Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I'm going to try to stop to write up about every ten episodes for anyone who is interested in following along on this moderately lengthy journey.

For the record, going in, here is my knowledge of The Clone Wars as picked up via tumblr osmosis:
- there are clones
- Anakin has an apprentice named Ahsoka and we all love her
- Obi-Wan might have a romance with a planetary leader because that's just what Jedi do, apparently
- there is a Complicated and Tragic plot about Ahsoka's ruined relationship with the Jedi order that allows her to survive to appear in Star Wars: Rebels

That's it! That's all I know. Other than what happens in these first ten episodes of Season 1 )
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I don't know how to live my life now that I know about Ample Hills Creamery's ice cream-churning bicycle, which is available for parties. (Thanks for the tip-off, Village Voice; for the record, I am definitely an ice cream maximalist.)

Other food stuffs: As soon as I get my hands on some harissa, I am trying this good-looking skillet recipe. Getting some harissa tomorrow might be an adventure for a bit, since it's the Brooklyn Half. I'm pleased not to be running -- the first time was amazing, but honestly the second year was... boring? A bit? Like, I'd done it already, let's try another route, at least.

Another food thing, this time an update on a bread recipe via [personal profile] tassosss -- I finally baked it today, after the dough lived in my fridge for most of this week. The flavor is definitely much better than the other types I've tried! This recipe makes only a small loaf, so I'd be interested in doubling the ingredients with some whole wheat or spelt (I went with all-purpose white flour for convenience, but my best results of had at least some bread flour in them). This recipe also came out the prettiest of all my attempts, even though the loaf was small: here's fresh out, here's the interior. I suspect I underbaked juuuuuust a little bit, but not enough to put me off. I just don't think six days is really worth it in terms of the bread-making experience, so I may have to actually give baking with starter a go. (Thing is, I'm pretty sure I enjoy making the bread more than eating it, in general! I mean, I like it -- but my uses for bread are pretty limited? But making it is SO SATISFYING. A bitter internal conflict I'll have to resolve.)

Who else is watching American Gods around here? I don't have any specific thoughts up through 1.03, but I am overwhelmed by how pungently Gaiman-y it all is. Even the credits are so, so heavy on Dave McKean's influence, and I do think there's something very Neverwhere-the-show about AG, despite its production value. I don't know, it's so strange to have spent your teenage and college years utterly worshiping and adoring an author and his work, and to feel so generally over his shtick when you're older, since he just seems not to have grown or changed his tune. Gaiman is so outrageously formative for me, and yet I keep making notes about things not to do in my own writing. This doesn't mean I'm not enjoying the hell out of AG (I can't wait for Mr. Nancy to come back, holy shit!), and I wonder what someone with no previous experience of the author and his work would feel about this series, but. Eh. Weird Friday night melancholy about reading authors for the first time and still being in love.

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May. 18th, 2017 08:43 pm
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Lara Elena Donnelly's Amberlough is being marketed as "John Le Carré meets Cabaret." This is largely accurate. I also saw someone mention Ellen Kushner's The Fall of Kings, which may also be accurate, but I haven't read Fall of Kings so I couldn't really say; however, I definitely did get some strong Swordspoint vibes.

The titular Amberlough is a secondary-world city (though not actually a fantastical one; there's no magic, as far as I can tell) heavily influenced by Weimar Berlin, full of corruption and cross-dressing and decadent clubs. While the nationalist/fascist One State Party is starting to gain in prominence in various regions of the country, nobody expects it to have a chance in Amberlough.

Protagonist A is Cyril DePaul, an intelligence agent who is not at all eager to re-enter the field after a previous traumatic experience; Protagonist B is Aristide Makricosta, a wildly fabulous cabaret emcee who moonlights as a key figure in a major smuggling operation. Cyril and Aristide are having a very comfortable time pretending that they are only banging so they can spy on each other, when in fact everyone is perfectly aware that they are only investigating each other so that they can bang. Protagonist C is Cordelia Lehane, Aristide's stage partner at the cabaret, who has numerous other personal business of her own but gets pulled into their storyline when Cyril finds himself in need of a beard.

The plot kicks off when Cyril gets yanked away from his moderate idyll with Aristide to go back out into the field on an undercover mission. In theory he is meant to be preventing an illicit takeover in the national elections by the One Sate Party. In practice -- well, I mean. Le Carre, Cabaret. I will leave it to you all to do the math.

This should probably be enough information that you'll be able to get a sense if this is the sort of thing you want (and feel able) to read or not. Personally, I'm more of a Privilege of the Sword person than Swordspoint; I was most interested in Cordelia, the only protagonist who at any point can really be said to take a stand for something more than [themselves+1]. That said, I will definitely be reading the next book.

Moving to UNB

May. 18th, 2017 06:09 pm
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I'm moving to Canada!!

Omg, why is it so hard to move to Canada?!

As I have discovered, while calling every moving company between here, Montreal, and New Brunswick, that the Dear Leader has pissed off the Canadians with all of his railing on NAFTA, and it is now super hard to get your stuff across the border. Because hardly any moving companies are now paying the cost to be 'bonded' to move across the border. The ones that are, hardly any of them go to the tiny province I'm moving to. And of the two that would go there, only was available. ONE.

You can guess how expensive that quote was. ;_; I don't think my stuff is worth that much.

I managed to find one of those fill up & ship pod-like services, but NONE of them deliver to the New Brunswick province. As I am learning, trying to do anything outside the big, main provinces is hard! I could get it into Quebec City or Montreal, but I haven't been able to find any movers that could then take it to New Brunswick. Not a question of cost: I can't find anyone to do it. July is apparently their crazy month, and they are already filled up.

I'm at the point of either going entirely over budget on move to get it across border, or doing what I was trying to do and getting a u-haul.

I'm just old and also, I can't do it by myself. It's the 4th of July weekend. Everyone's busy. Shit.

I'm also running into problems with student visa: will I have it by then and can I get into Canada with it then? I wasn't planning on doing that! I didn't think I needed to use my student visa to move my stuff across then. But because of Trump and his poking at NAFTA, Canada is now extremely strict on rules when before they weren't. I'm talking with uni now to see what are my options because I'm in the process of getting my visa. I don't know if I will get it by the start of July, and if so, can I even use it that early? Classes don't start until Sept.

I haven't wanted to get myself across my student visa check the first time at a land crossing: they are supposed to be harder. Ug! I had a plan! UUUUUUG!

I had done all my stuff back in Feb. Damn all the transcript hell. I could have planned this ages ago!
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Two things before the main event, both related to Betta Barnes: 1) Bubble nest this morning by his fake hidey-plant leaves! I'm delighted, it's so cute. 2) I'm never over how his greatest enemy is always my mug.

Today -- or this morning, rather -- I am taking it as easy as I can. This afternoon I have my root canal, of course, but yesterday I spent six hours in the hospital just to get three stitches and a tetanus shot. (Our health care system is so fucked already, gang. It's bad.) The reason I needed the stitches, of course, is a bit hilarious, I won't lie. At a time when Twitter is full of tutting thinkpieces and sarcastic backlash about avocados and how millennials' love of avocado toast is keeping us from home ownership, I... stabbed myself in the palm trying to get the pit out of an avocado.

So yeah, fingers crossed that all of this heals up quickly and smoothly. I'm really quite done with falling apart for a while!
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Not the series in the icon. A different one. One I blame [personal profile] rose_of_pollux almost entirely for my interest in. :) The wishing for a little less silliness and a little more serious underground work is all me, though. I'm the girl who, at six years old, took Get Smart! at face value as a straight spy series, missing the comedy completely. This tells you a *lot* about how my mind works, I expect. Anyway! On to the current series in question.

LeBeau sounds so young! Here was me imagining his voice as both lower and warmer - my biases are showing again. Not that his accent isn't nice, especially when he's being serious, but he sounds like he's about fifteen! What the?! Kinch surprised me too; I thought his voice would be a little lower, though I wasn't as far off as I was with LeBeau. If anyone's ever seen the Real Ghostbusters cartoon? Winston from that series. Like that. Then again, as Kinch is the known steady quantity in the barracks, I suppose I'd rather imagined his voice to match. I didn't expect the tiny bit of a lisp he seems to have at times, though--hmm. Newkirk I knew, Hogan and Carter I vaguely remembered from an episode snippet I caught years and years ago, and... the heck? Schultz's voice, unlike the rest, is far lower than I thought it'd be! Seems wrong somehow, considering what a great big harmless duffer he is. Aaaaand Klink is just squeaky. :)

This entry brought to you by Chanter being a throwback as only she can be.

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May. 16th, 2017 08:53 pm
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A few months back, I discovered this in a used bookstore and ended up taking it home:

And this week seemed like a good time to experience the Cold War's Special Baseball Episode, so here we are.

A Pennant for the Kremlin is an extremely serious alternate history (written in 1964) in which an American millionaire decides to leave all his assets to the Soviet Union in an effort to cultivate world peace before unexpectedly keeling over dead. His assets include about ten major hotels, plus the Chicago White Sox.

The Soviets generously decide to give the hotels to the workers!, but decide to hang onto the White Sox for reasons of plot necessity, and send over a couple of Russians out of Central Casting to take over the management:

1) the malevolent career bureaucrat who sees everything as an Insult to the Party!
2) the sweet, gently comical one whose Job Is To Understand Baseball and, by taking his job very seriously, learns to love the sport for its own sake! AND IS BELOVED BY IT IN RETURN
3) the sweet one's beautiful daughter, who's just excited for the opportunity to go shopping for pretty dresses!

The sweet one bonds with the team's manager and flirts with the eccentric millionaire's spinster secretary; the beautiful daughter falls for the wildly anti-Communist baseball player, who Learns an Important Lesson that Soviets Are People Too (or at least attractive young Soviet women with a maximum of wide-eyed innocence and a minimum of Party ideals); and the malevolent one attempts various schemes For The Greater Glory Of The Soviet Union, much to the chagrin of our aw-shucks all-American baseball players, who just want the opportunity to chuck a good old American baseball without being buffeted by copies of the Daily Worker. The spinster secretary trips all around Chicago asking innocently for portraits of Lenin in order to make her new guests feel at home; the sweet Russian becomes an unexpectedly popular national celebrity when he gives all the players incentive bonuses, but forbids them from using their images to shill for Big Tobacco - think of the children! they should be ashamed of themselves! At one point, the Soviet agenda at a U.N. meeting is completely derailed while every representative takes their turn to wax rhapsodic about the signature sport of their home country. Baseball: it's transformative!

In the end, tragically, does anyone care about spoilers for this book? )

Ham radio news!

May. 16th, 2017 08:20 am
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Back when I first got back into radio, one of the first things I did was apply for and get my original callsign as a vanity call. I liked it. It was easy to send in Morse code (which is becoming my primary operating mode).

When callsigns in the US are issued, they're in a 2x3 format -- 2 letters, a number, 3 letters. There are some limitations as to what those letters and numbers can be because certain prefixes are assigned to different countries. When you get a higher class of license, you can choose a shorter call. The most common here in the US are 1x3 and 2x2 calls. There's a limited number of callsigns available for the highest class of license that are 1x2 and 2x1 format. For 1x2, the first letter must be K, N, or W. For the 2x1 callsigns, A is also an option as the first letter. These callsigns come available rarely since there are so few of them. All amateurs who apply on the day they're available are put into a pool and one is chosen at random.

And one year to the day after I passed my Amateur Extra test, I received a license grant for a 1x2 callsign!

I'm a little sad to let KA2ESK go. It was the callsign I was issued when I was first licensed and I was happy to get it back and it's served me well. But I'm really very happy to get K2FI as my new callsign. Not only is it shorter, it's GREAT for sending in Morse code, which is becoming my primary operating mode.

See you on the air!
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Which is the kind where I get to say... I've finished a thing. It's been a while! I AM SO VERY PLEASED AND PROUD.

Basically I stayed really grumpy about Fearless Girl long after she became a thing on March 8. So many people didn't know or didn't care that she was an ad for this not-very-plucky corporation, which became extra hilarious when the sculptor of Charging Bull got so furious about their showdown that he keeps threatening lawsuits. (Arturo Di Modica actually installed his sculpture without asking permission, making him actually a guerrilla artist, believe it or not.) Anyway, I became curious about some Death of the Author stuff -- if no one in the public knew Fearless Girl was an ad, and if she was having this outsized effect on her audience, was she, in fact, public art instead?

So! "Where's the Boundary Between Public Art and Advertising?" is live at CityLab asking just that. I got to talk to some really fantastic people and I really loved writing about the arts and artists. Public art is basically new to me, and it turns out it's fascinating. So yeah! Please read if you're so inclined, same with sharing, and I'd love to hear your thoughts or questions! <33333

And related to my current thoughts

May. 15th, 2017 02:05 pm
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My "on this day" over on Livre des Visages reminds me of the time I got (virtually) called on the carpet for sharing a group shot of a staff meeting.

It shouldn't continue to bother me, but it does.


May. 15th, 2017 12:04 pm
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I really Do Not want to be in the office today. I just have NO desire to get anything done.

*inarticulate FEELS*

May. 15th, 2017 09:59 am
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This is the last week of the original cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and I have SO MANY FEELINGS I CAN'T. I CAN'T.

Being in a theater (theatre?) fandom is weird and it's an experience I am still trying to wrap my mind around. I mean, it's so different from any fandom I have ever been a part of or that I have ever lurked through before. I once asked [tumblr.com profile] fourteenacross about being in the Rent fandom back in the day and it seemed so fascinating and a little mysterious at the time. And now I'm looking at Instagram photos and clutching my chest because I CANNOT HANDLE THESE FEELINGS YOU GUYS. And I’ve memorized the names of actors and I’m praying they come to the US show and it’s so oddly different from any other medium fandom.

It's maybe worse because I'm so far away and I can't be there and cry it out with everyone. I'm counting down the days here and all of my local friends think I'm bonkers.

Anyway, going to lie down and have a lot of feelings right now.


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