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May. 25th, 2017 08:57 pm
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Relax, Captain. We've been in worse cages than this one.

AKA: Visiting post for two Jedhan boys after curb-stomping Galen.)
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[[Previously: Plans are starting to gel. After all, we are now sharply veering off into canon.]]

[[Aware that they're running out of time before Bodhi has to leave, Bodhi and Galen make the most of what time they have left. And Eadu's abundant supply of water.]

Cleaned-up prose version on AO3
Original raw thread

[[tinytags: bodhi rook, galen erso -- warnings for injuries, scars, and shower sex. Virtual ear coolers provided.]]

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May. 25th, 2017 03:54 pm
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Yrael doesn't quite understand the change that has come over Milliways. The decor is different, and the music includes the kind of jaunty earworms he tries to avoid. But the changes don't bother him much. There are strange new ships and unfamiliar technology to investigate but not get too close to in case they decide to suddenly stop working.

That sometimes happens, after all.

Right now, the figure of a pale, white-haired man dressed in white can be seen outside, barefoot upon the grass, wielding a lightsaber as green as his eyes which has so far resisted any deteriorating effects of close proximity to Free Magic.

Yrael has never fought with a sword of any kind, and perhaps it shows, but he has seen it done and is generally a quick study. It doesn't hurt that the bright toy makes satisfying vrrrm wrrrrrm noises as he swings it this way and that.

Galactic Bartending!

May. 25th, 2017 04:53 pm
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R2-D2 looks rather more worn than the last time he was seen around Milliways, with scratches and mild dents and the look of a droid who could use a good oil bath, but certainly as active and processing just as swiftly as he rolls in and up to the Bar, beeping a curious greeting at it. A datastick materializes, which he retrieves and examines. After some extremely grumpy beeping—and a quick session plugged into a datapad—he rocks a little as he beeps his acknowledgment and rolls away.

He is on a mission, you see.

It doesn’t take him long to locate Anakin buried in a corner booth, sulkily nursing a drink he hoped he’d never see again. Anakin smiles down at the droid and lays a fond hand on the dome. “Hello, old friend,” he begins.

Beep BEEP bip boop whrrrr! Bip-whrrr beeep BIP beep BOOP.

“What? No. Have your circuits finally just burned themselves out?”

Whrrrr-ip eep whrrrr, R2 rocks emphatically. Boo-eep boo-whrrr.

“I said no, you rusty, deluded—”


Anakin glares. “It would be a favor, you understand me?”

Bee-oop whrrr bip bop-whrrr-ip. Boop bee-ip whrrrr-rrr-ip boo-ip beep? Boo-whrrr BEEP. Beep whrrr-bip oop beep whrr.

“How has no one scrapped you yet?”

Boo-EEP bip whrrr boop.

Happy Hour
HOUSE SPECIAL, price approximately .33333 standard value
Jedi or Sith
Mai TIE Fighter or Millenium Falcon
Blue Milk Cocktail - no bantha milk present, non-alcoholic output upon request
Bantha milk (non-alcoholic)

Check datapads for more featured output options. Non-organics, communicate with bartender for special requirements. Standard alcoholic and non-alcoholic items also available.

If the bartender chooses, drink price set to 0. All other featured drink prices set to .5 standard values.

After a great deal of swearing and arguing in both Binary and Galactic Standard setting up the projector, R2-D2 makes his way briskly along the Bar, a tray attachment on his head upon which drinks can be placed or retrieved from, beeping at everyone as they come up and sending orders back to the mixing and food station. (A sulky, swearing organic is stuck back there doing all the work that requires hands.) The datapads offer information on contents of the specials and other themed and non-themed options freely.

For drinks for which it is appropriate, there are also Tiki shaped like various species and important people in the galaxy. (There are no Vader or Jabba-shaped ones. There may coincidentally be lots of broken bits of black and green around Anakin’s feet.)

The massive Jogan fruit cake at the Bar mysteriously replenished itself just before the shift began, but until it ends: first come first serve, don’t let it disappear!

[[ooc: we will have a couple hour interruption taking a brief break to practice martial arts and we're back, but everyone, threadhop! Socialize! Celebrate together! And oh yeah, check out those drink links, there are some truly hilarious and awesome Star Wars mixed drinks out there. Open forever!]]

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May. 25th, 2017 01:25 pm
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Baze has decided that he doesn't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. Even the texture between his teeth is gritty when he tastes it, and the taste itself is far too salty. Far better are the strange, brown beans he found fermenting in little stashes, which he snacks on every time he finds a new one. They're terribly bitter, but they remind him of caf.

The beach is, however, beautiful to look upon, and--most importantly--it's warm. Baze has never been so warm, having grown up on a moon with a permanent winter. He graciously allows the Caribbean sun to bake him alive.

Or dead, as the case may be. Still.

He's shed his armor, a rare occurrence that he hopes becomes less rare with time, and goes to test the water with his bare feet. He's never seen so much water, either, or so blue a color. It's almost overwhelming, how he can't see to the bottom.

This place is full of marvels, this Milliways bar. Baze hopes he never leaves.

(OOC: Chirrut may pop into any and all threads. Millitimed to before the Galen Erso EP. Tiny tags: Baze Malbus, Chirrut Imwe)

Quest Thread

May. 25th, 2017 10:07 pm
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So, I've been planning an idea for a quest into the Warhammer 40k 'verse, and I'd like to get some input from you guys, especially because I want to open it up to anyone from Milliways who wants in.

The sort of stuff would you like to see, any advice for the new guy, stuff you'd enjoy, all of that would be great to know.

Edit: Given jedi_interrupted's comment​, here's the pitch idea:

Sahaal heads back to his home universe to get some munitions that can't be provided by the Bar. As he's exploring a crashed Space Marine ship, he discovers a fair amount of the more important parts were spared when it was destroyed. Armed with the location of the armoury, bridge and officer quarters, he heads back to Milliways to organise an expedition to strip the ship of anything valuable.

Any and all pups welcome, regardless of skillset.

A one-time special preview...

May. 25th, 2017 08:49 am
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The cantina has been in full swing for some hours by the time the Door ripples a little. It doesn’t so much as open as give a phantom, somewhat glowing image of opening, and there is a flicker of blue on the other side ever so briefly. A moment later, a man more or less materializes out of thin air with a visible flinch, dressed in what are a very obvious darker variant on Jedi robes, cloak and all. (At least they aren’t black.) His face would look surprisingly young, but for the scarring of healed wounds and streaks of grey in his brown hair; as it is, he could be in his late forties. He’s frowning down at his hands as he flexes the right one experimentally.

Actual, real, flesh-and-bones limbs inside Milliways are still disconcerting, for so many reasons.

The sound of the band makes him look up, startled, and promptly glare at his surroundings. As he sighs explosively and begins to stalk past them towards the Bar, the music shifts into a different tune. He turns his bright blue eyes on them in absolute bewilderment and incredulity. As he raises his eyebrows at them, knowing only that this has something to do with him, the band goes very briefly silent—and then breaks into an even jauntier playing of the theme.

Anakin Skywalker just shakes his head and continues his stalk towards the Bar to get himself a drink, taking in the sight of the mock-weapons and the games as he moves. His eyes linger on the banners in obvious confusion. "You," he tells the Bar, "have absolutely no taste. This place? Really?" In response, the Bar just pops up a Rebellion napkin with a little smiley face drawn on it, making him snort.

The band eventually returns to its usual fare. As for the man himself, Anakin can be found throughout the day, sometimes at the Bar or in a booth in a corner, poking at the food and piece of cake waitrats have helpfully provided him with. Sometimes he might be found near the flight pad, peering around the ships with a critical eye, sometimes with expressions of fond reminiscence. Sometimes he's even lingering around the race track, eyeing the vehicles thoughtfully and with an expression of longing, like he's not entirely sure he's allowed to play.

And for a while--maybe even a very long while--he is out at the sparring grounds, cloak tossed carelessly on a bench to the side, a bright blue blade tracing abstract patterns in the air as he steps through lightsaber kata with deadly grace. He might be just a little bit dead, but hey, there’s no point in getting out of shape, right?

[OOC: Just be glad it isn't Vader, y'all. I was tempted.]

[ooc edit: oh yeah probably all the spoilers for tfa on that first thread whoops]

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May. 25th, 2017 08:10 pm
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Jay comes down to the bar and is suddenly dressed in his favourite scoundrel's outfit. He bounces to the bar, where he's presented with a napkin and a cart full of part.

Jay grins and vanishes down to the garage with the cart. He returns an hour later with a cart full of plastic blasters with hoppers on top, safety googles and a bunch of gloves.

He tacks a sign to the noticeboard.

Blaster paintball with 'Force push' glove shields.
Milliscouts welcome. We'll come up with a badge for it later.

Jay sets up an arena out near the beach with a bunch of obstacles and targets.

Come down and play!

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May. 25th, 2017 12:44 pm
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So. This is...pretty awesome. Far more fun than dealing with an old manuscript, which is what Jim had thought he'd be doing next time he found this place. He blinks at the decor for a second, then goes to investigate.

Ten minutes later, he has a lightsaber (red, natch) in one hand, and piece of cake in the other. He examines the games on one table, and plays around with them for a bit. But there are other things, so he heads outside and whooshes around with the lightsaber for a while spends half an hour climbing over the ships on display. But there's a flight simulator! And actual pod-racers!

The racers get the first go, because he has a feeling he won't be getting out of the simulator once he's in it. And it's a beautiful day, made even more so by zipping around the place in a Star Wars pod. Excellent fun!

[OOC: open through the weekend. Catch him anywhere around the place, playing with whatever. <3]
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In honor of me finally getting around to scheduling a danged haircut (...approximately a year later than I meant to): Does your character change up their look a lot? Or do they pretty much stick to one presentation?

First Entrance

May. 25th, 2017 09:34 am
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It had rained on Eadu, as it mostly did; but then, it had rained ships and fire and death and blood, and Galen couldn't get up, or out of the rain.

But then, Jyn was there --Jyn, his little Stardust, all grown up and full of questions, and she was here, with him, and he had so much to tell her...

And then, suddenly, a cantina.

A cantina, common as the dry dust of Jedha or Tatooine, and Galen is standing at the door, and nobody minds him the way they do in cantinas, and if there had been water or soot or blood on his uniform, it's now gone, and he feels -- normal. Unharmed.

Except that he isn't where he used to be. Ought to be.

Milliways, have one Imperial scientist, slightly scruffy, in a tidy uniform, and newly dead.

[[tinytags: galen erso. warnings for violence, character death and spoilers for Rogue One on all threads. open for the entire long weekend.]]

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May. 24th, 2017 08:32 pm
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I have spent the last five days rereading through Megan Whalen Turner's Queen's Thief books at the rate of one a day, and doing very little else!

If you've missed them, the long arc of the Queen's Thief series features the three warring alt!Grecian kingdoms of Sounis, Eddis and Attolia getting their act together to avoid being absorbed by an alt!Babylonian empire. The books are heavy on well-researched worldbuilding, political complexity, and third-act twists; they are light on divine influence, though the gods do have a plan and they would rather like the protagonists to stop whining about it. Books include:

The Thief: A magus, his two apprentices, a soldier and a thief go on a life-changing field trip to steal a divine king-making relic, and Megan Whalen Turner shows off her unreliable first-person narration.

The Queen of Attolia: All three kingdoms start a slapfight with each other while the series protagonist sulks in his room, except when he's stealing important political figures from other kingdoms. Megan Whalen Turner would like you to know she can dance deftly around significant information just as easily in omniscient third as she can in first.

The King of Attolia: A sweet, honest guardsman punches his king in the face, and proceeds to regret every single one of his life choices. Megan Whalen Turner's like "look, this time I'm using limited third and telling you EXACTLY what my protagonist thinks and believes at any given time, it's not MY fault he only knows like 20% of what's actually going on."

A Conspiracy of Kings: The heir to the kingdom of Sounis is like "I COULD sort out this civil war by becoming king OR I could do hard labor for the rest of my life and honestly the latter sounds more appealing?" Megan Whalen Turner returns to first person but is too busy examining questions of ethics around violence in the political sphere to put all that much effort into setting up twists.

This is the part that's spoilery for the first four books )

Anyway, yesterday I finally got to the point where I could read the just-published new book, Thick as Thieves. So this is the part that's spoilery for Thick as Thieves. )

Shout outs

May. 24th, 2017 10:57 pm
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Happy Star Wars Day eve and here's to 40 years of nerf herders, smugglers and princesses who rule over it all!

Bonehead is finally returned.

Hal wants to hunt dragons, Ysalwen is dubious.

War enters and finds some who know her well. I can't wait to see what happens next with her.

Now what are you reading and what have you finished writing?

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May. 24th, 2017 06:32 pm
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 There is an Earth saying, "I feel the need, the need for speed."

 Sabine has never heard it but if she had, she'd be living it right now as she races around the track outside on one of the newer Imperial issue speeder bikes. Sabine hates the Empire and all it stands for, but she has to admit, they get the nicest toys.

  Later, when the speeder bike needs to cool down, she kicks back to enjoy a mug of Mandalorian ale. She has no idea why the bar is looking like one of the more seedy cantina she and Ketsu would look for work, back in the day, but she's not going to let it bother her.
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[[Previously:  Huzzah for making plans! Which are going to be happening more and more in the few remaining chapters.]]
[[Things on Eadu get tense and tempers flare when another cargo pilot calls Bodhi out.]
[[tinytags: bodhi rook, galen erso -- warnings for injuries, food and sex.]]

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May. 24th, 2017 07:19 pm
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Cassian wasn't thinking about Milliways when he walked through the door to what should be a cantina where the owner is always useful for information and a connection to the black market. The music's not right and he stares, his hand resting on the blaster at his hip as he tries to understand what he's seeing. His gaze is drawn to the two banners and he heads there first, noting every weapon that he passes, there's a sniper blaster rifle that could be useful.

He's never seen the Rebellion's symbol this big before and openly daring anyone to meet it, a banner not graffiti. In front of it, he stands taller, straightening his captain's jacket as he gives it a small salute. Seeing the Empire's banner as well is disconcerting and as he passes it, his hand tightens on his blaster before he moves on.

None of this makes sense and he keeps to the edges, working his way outside to all the ships, those take longer to properly look at, because they're beautiful and here. They don't seem to be working, but he takes his time to explore them. Why is his galaxy in Milliways and marking something at 40?

Tiny tag: Cassian Andor
(OOC: Open all the long weekend, he'll also be tagging around, catch him inside in shock, with the weapons or the ships. Happy Star Wars!)
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So. Yeah. It's been a while, huh?

I won't spend a lot of time on the what or the why or the ugh of the world right now that's been a bit of a barrier in multiple ways. Suffice to say that I've played a lot of video games, I've done a lot of thinking, and I'm determined to express more of that in writing than I have been.

Only not right now, because I'm in transit. Still, any start is better than no start at all, right?


Anyway. Hi, everyone. ♥ to you.

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May. 24th, 2017 03:22 pm
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[OOM: You will have to strike me down if this is the path you choose.
Note, this is pure millicanon and likely to get contradicted by canon soon enough. Special thanks to Steph for letting me borrow a Kylo for this.
Also, spoiler warning for The Force Awakens in the link, and possible in threading.]

The Front Door opens and there is a figure in a blue nimbus which quickly fades into a corporeal body as she walks in. Ahsoka smiles to find Milliways. It will be good to see old friends, and perhaps one very specific face. She doesn't begrudge her old master for not having time for her, she has her own things to do out in the galaxy--old students to check up on--but she still misses him and appreciates the time they can find to spend together.

Although the change in decor is...odd, if familiar.

Happy Star Wars Day!

May. 24th, 2017 06:03 pm
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Go wild, dear players.

(As I noted it's a bit early but "it's midnight somewhere" and I want everyone to have as much fun as possible so nyah.)

Have fun, y'all!

EDIT: You can, of course, reply to R2's post, but please do make your own! Decorate our front page with awesome!
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The Bar changes.

It looks, in fact, like a certain cantina on a sandy planet in a galaxy far, far away—at least, as like it as it can, given that it’s much bigger, and rather cleaner than Mos Eisley has ever so much as dreamed of being. But the spirit of it holds, from the shapes of the tables to the dark corners, the shape of the bar to the requisite band playing jaunty tunes from a recessed stage. While they play the regular cantina fare, some Earth-origin people may just recognize some tunes as jazzier renditions of a particular set of movies’ scores--or occasionally even heavy metal covers.

There are a few other minor variations: chairs have towels draped on the backs, and—going along with the unaccustomed cleanliness—centerpieces are on the tables with lilac. Less minor are the giant banners draped everywhere, including one on each side of the Bar. Half carry the spoked wheel of the Imperial Crest and the stylized starbird of the Rebel Alliance; all carry a ‘40’ writ large on them. Napkins will also carry those symbols with the number.

Outside, signs point to a Grav-ball court and flight simulator room—the latter of which is particularly important, as while there are ships from the garage out and on display, they are all grounded. However, they are open for people who want to take tours around them, or get in a pilot’s seat and feel what it’s like. The simulator room is there for those who want a more immersive experience. Also found outside is a racing track for speeders and pod-racers, with functional vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Back inside the Bar, datapads are scattered on tables, offering costumes or even temporary species changes to all and sundry. There are also a wide variety of weapons—lightsabers, blasters, all kinds of things—with no settings that can do more damage than maybe light bruising. Extra tables line the walls for Dejarik and Cubikahd, along with a few other games. The Bar or abandoned tables will provide cards for Sabacc and Pazaak for still more idiomatic entertainment.

On many of the tables, Jogan fruit cakes are displayed prominently, each with a large 40 (made of shortbread with icing, because where’s the fun in non-edible decoration?) on the top and with knives to cut, along with some individual slices with much smaller 40s. A much larger one is on display on the Bar.

Cakes, costumes, games, racing, music, and toys. What more could an anniversary celebration ask for, really?

[[ooc: 40 years is a long time, after all. Seriously, go look up jazz and heavy metal covers of Star Wars songs, they are great. Yes, it's early ("it's midnight somewhere!"), but I wanted to give people plenty of time to have as much fun as they can. So y'all go do just that! :D Happy Birthday, Star Wars!]]

[[ooc: EDIT: also, feel free to reply here if you want, but let's get a ton of fun EP's up, yeah? Decorate our Bar with awesome all over! Races, sparring, whatever you want to come up with. All up to you!]]

On Punching Nazis and other hyperbole

May. 24th, 2017 03:04 pm
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I'm willing to sing about punching Nazis, but I'm not willing to seriously advocate that doing so (or censoring them) is ethically and morally right.

Ken White (Popehat) has an excellent post as to why not. (oddly enough, -do- read the comments here).

Wednesday DE -- One free shot

May. 24th, 2017 02:29 pm
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Sorry, l was hunting viruses, so the DE is late.

Your character gets one free unpunished shot to kill off one person. Who is the victim?

fundraiser for moving to Canada

May. 23rd, 2017 10:48 pm
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Hey dudes.

As you know, I am moving to Canada and going to back to school. It's terrifying and exciting! I've managed to put together myself between savings and loans all the money for tuition and support money that Canada asks you to keep aside to take care of yourself during your studies.

However, with the political climate, and the threatened changes to NAFTA, it has become extremely difficult and expensive to move across the border.

I feel strange asking this, but if anyone would like to help with a fundraiser to help off set the costs of my move, you can do so here.

Many of you have already been kind enough to give, and I have been so grateful.

Please, do not feel obligated in any way. I know times are tough for people. Trust me, I know.

People have asked if they can share. I feel a little strange about it, as well as guilty, but if you would like to, you are welcome to do so.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I love you all, very much. Please enjoy this link to the kitten live stream.


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