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Alex W ([personal profile] sdelmonte) wrote2016-11-24 10:44 am


It is harder to be thankful this year than it has been in a long while. But even with our worry, we cannot and should not let that stop for appreciating what and who we have. So I want to offer thanks to everyone online and off who commiserated with me the last two weeks, and for the safe spaces I have found to vent and to fret.

And also thank all the friends who have been there for us of late. And Barack Obama for being a pretty awesome president. And all the people who have been making entertainment that entertains me. And my family. And everyone who actually reads this blog.

May your Thanksgiving be a peaceful and happy one, with the right people and the moments needed to reflect and to recharge. May your "Black Friday" not leaving you screaming at fellow customers or at the people who demand your help. If you are going to ChessieCon, we hope to see you there!

Now, bring on WKRP, Arlo, and Joel Robinson!