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Alex W ([personal profile] sdelmonte) wrote2016-09-08 07:30 pm

These Are the Voyages

50 years later, and Star Trek endures. It inspires. It shows its age, it struggles to retain its audience, but it is part of the landscape, alongside Sherlock Holmes and Mickey Mouse and Shakespeare. Not bad for a TV show that barely managed to run three years.

I rewatched the first episode to air today, "The Man Trap." It has some problems, moments of sexism, moments of cheesy effects and plot contrivance, but it holds together well. And there are so many elements already in place, ranging from the sense of shipboard camaraderie to Uhura flirting with Spock (something I somehow missed until the reboot made it more of a thing). I suspect many viewers that first night turned off their sets and never came back. But all the pieces were there and I figure a few even knew it was the start of something big.