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Alex W ([personal profile] sdelmonte) wrote2016-08-29 06:18 pm

RIP Gene Wilder

I can't say it as well as his friends or family.  I can only say that Gene was an incredible actor, a tremendously funny man, and by all accounts a good person.  He will be missed, and we are saddened that he has left us, a victim of what Sir PTerry called "the embuggerance."  But he leaves behind so much that is so funny, so warm, that we have to laugh even as we cry.

ETA: Almost forgot one of his less popular roles, in The Frisco Kid.  He was perhaps an unlikely choice to play a Polish rabbi, but he did the role justice - maybe he was drawing on his own memories of Old World relatives or neighbors - in one of the few films to come even a little close to getting Judaism right.  No one seems to be mentioning this, and it's not a funny role the way Leo Bloom or Frederick Frankenstein were, but I always liked it.