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Alex W ([personal profile] sdelmonte) wrote2016-06-04 10:25 pm

He Was the Greatest

 I suspect that nearly a day after the death of Muhammad Ali, I could add anything that hasn't been said and said better by everyone from Pres. Obama on down.

So I will just note that he was one of those people who was always part of the landscape for me, who was still fighting when I was a kid, who was always on TV and kidding with Howard Cosell and showing up in cartoons and being, well, Ali.  He was the most famous man alive for a time, and he earned that.  He was part of a sport I want to see fade away, he was part of controversies I think I would have not been happy with had I been alive in 1967, and he was still someone I respect and even admire.  The world is a sadder place today but we are better having had him to challenge us and thrill us and inspire us.