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Alex W ([personal profile] sdelmonte) wrote2016-04-22 04:33 pm

Of Passover, Prince, and Cons

A few things on this Friday.

1. Passover begins tonight.  As we are having a nice crowd for seder, I am quite looking forward to it.  If you celebrate, may I wish you a happy and kosher holiday!  And happy Earth Day to the rest of you.

2. I was not the biggest Prince fan, but his place in music history and pop culture was huge and he will be missed.  Where did I know him best from?  Batman '89.  Specially, this scene.  It was a great combination of actor, music and moment, and even if Prince's Batman-inspired album was not great, this song was.  RIP, sir.

3. Wanted to let the world - or at least the world that reads this - know that we will be at Balticon on Memorial Day weekend and then Conterpoint on July 4th weekend.  The former has become one of my favorite cons, and I will once again be joining the 2-day long LARP, this time with a Star Wars theme and me as some sort of pirate!  And the latter is of course the Northeast Floating Filkcon and always fun.