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And what a fun time it was. Spent two days seeing a bit of the city with [personal profile] ladymondegreen as our tour guide, with trips to Casa Loma and the Royal Ontario Museum and a bit of walking about the Yonge-Eglinton neighborhood, where we stayed.  Had some interesting chats with a barista who was curious about filk and a cabbie with classical training as an actor in NYC.

Then it was on to FilkOntario, which was just a lot of fun and generally relaxing.  Batya's Interfilk concert was amazing, Mark Bernstein's Filk Hall of Fame acceptance speech was moving (and his concert was great), and the music was up to its usual standards.  Special shout-outs to Leslie Hudson and the Faithful Sidekicks. I don't know when we will get back to FKO again, since most years it's too close to Passover, but I hope we can manage it again someday.  It was great to see familiar faces as always and great to start making new friends.

Insight of the weekend: filk fandom is slow to buy its albums digitally.  But the performers are fine with that.  In fact, it's cheaper for them and easier.  So if you there is a filk album you like and it's available online, buy it that way.  

And now on towards Passover!!

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