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The last game of the long, sometimes painful, often weird, 2010 Mets baseball season ended with what we saw most of the year. The pitching was, for the most part, really good. The hitting was non-existent. The game ran 14 innings, and was brought to an unsuccessful close by a typical outing from the terrible Oliver Perez (one out, three walks, one hit batter, one run, no hits allowed).

This was not a great year for my team. But I found a lot to like, in a starting rotation that was often better than the Yankees' starters, in a young and gutsy roster that shows promise for tomorrow, in a home record that tells me Citi Field will be a good place to play for properly built teams. I said going in that the Mets were a .500 team, and they finished just short of .500. So any disappointment was not really accompanied by shock.

Yes, they have a high payroll that didn't return much for the money. Yes, management leaves a lot to be desired. And yes, they need to change a lot to compete in a tough division. But they are still my team, and I will be there again next spring.

I'll just be there without any Mets bloggers. For the most part, I find them unreadable now, full of anger and pain that is wasted on complaining about baseball. I love the sport, but it's just a game and I can't stand the angst of these thin-skinned and somewhat immature fans. Better to just watch on my own and let my eyes tell me what I see without Internet commentary.

So now it's onto the playoffs, where I will root against the Yankees, as is the Mets fans' way, and for good baseball. There are a lot of really good pitching matchups that could come into play and could make the playoffs amazing.

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Tut, tut, young man. Not all Mets fans are anti-Yankees. Not even all loyal Mets fans are; it's possible to be polyamorous regarding teams as well as individuals, even if both are from the same city. (Having grown up the son of National League fans but the friend of American League fans, I chose not to alienate either, and learned to love both. It's the Red Sox and the Phillies who need to lose every game for the remainder of their existences :-)

I'm looking forward to a team not run by Omar Minaya. His faults are many; it will be a relief to be shut of him. I'm rooting for the Mets to ask to interview Kim Ng (assistant GM of the Dodgers) for his job, but there are lots of good candidates out there.

Even if, as has been reported, they don't pursue any of the big-time free agents this winter, they can do well by just cleaning house, and letting some of the talent they have developing take their places. Both the winter and next season should be very interesting.


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