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On September 4, 1990, I started my first day at The Jewish Museum.

Things have changed so much. As has my job, as have my skills and responsibilities and title and as has my place of work. But I am still there.

Part of me thinks I am frelling nuts to be in the same job, promotions and changes notwithstanding. There is a good chance that I will be in this job, or something like it, for the rest of my working life. And that might not be the smartest move. It certainly isn't the most lucrative.

But it suits me. I liked the museum then, I like it now. I might gripe (a lot, and usually offline), but I get to be part of some really cool stuff. I get to work in the arts. I get to do something more than just make money for bosses. To some degree, it's home. And while maybe I should have moved on long ago, I think I am pretty lucky to be there.

Even if, come Tuesday and a press event right after a holiday weekend, I will be griping again. But it's my griping place and that will do.
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