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You may have heard about this: Wonder Woman is getting a new look. And also a retcon.

I am OK with the costume. As a bit of a prude, I have never really loved her usual look. It worked for her, but I am glad to see her move on.

But the retcon is just another sign that almost no one really has any idea of what to do with WW, even JMS. Or maybe a sign that JMS, in trying to make WW (and also Superman, in his book) more grounded, is not the right man to handle larger than life DC heroes. Diana's adventures, like her powers, should be a bit on the epic side. Alas, the only writers I can name who ever managed to make her work for me are George Perez and Greg Rucka. Otherwise, she has never been a character I care for.

All that said, a shakeup might help, and I like enough of JMS' comics work to not condemn this till I read it. Even if I plan to wait to read it in the TPB. And I think that what I don't like about WW is that she is too much of a god and not enough of a human, expect with the writers I mention.

Any thoughts from those of you out there who are fans of the princess?
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